Are you the type of who's clueless when asked what your WI-FI password is? Don't worry because you're not alone in that regards. There are many people who don't even know what the term WI-FI stands for and are ill-informed when it comes to the world of the internet connections. A common question that many Toronto beaches real estate owners or those that work in an office face in regards to their internet is what type of internet connection do you have?

While it might seem like an easy question not that many people know the answer. A lot of people will go to their local internet service provider, sign up for an internet package without even getting the details about what they signed up for, and then just wait for somebody to come over to their home, place of business or UWO off campus housing to set it all up.

If all you know when it comes to internet connections is that you're currently using high speed or dial-up internet in your piece of Thornhill real estate property then you will probably be shocked to know that there are many more types of internet connections than just those two. Technology has advanced so rapidly in recent times and only keeps evolving and the way we surf the internet to look up information about the GPS frequency standard or fantasy football scores is no different.

In addition to dial-up internet, which is slow and connected through a modem that uses your telephone line, and high speed internet such as digital subscriber line (DSL), there are also other internet connection types such as integrated services digital network (ISDN), broadband ISDN, ASDL, which is the most common type of DSL internet found in most homes using high speed internet, ASDL+2, which is even faster than DSL, cable internet, which connects you to the internet over your cable TV lines, and internet over satellite internet connections, which sees you use an orbiting satellite to connect to the internet.

As you can see we have come a long way from the days of dial-up internet and now most homes are equipped with wireless internet connections (WI-FI) where you don't use cables of any kind when researching house plans online! It's going to be interesting to see where the world of internet connections is headed next and hopefully we'll be able to keep up with all the new technology.

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