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These days, everywhere from the corner cafe to the offices of Heating Burlington to our own homes is a wi-fi hot spot. Wi-fi is a tremendously convenient way of accessing the internet since it's practically ubiquitous and usually free and most modern devices are able to connect to it automatically. However, if you're going to be using wi-fi on a regular basis, there are a few things you should know. This article will help you learn to use wi-fi safely and effectively.


Wi-fi hubs in public places such as libraries and schools are often free for anyone to access, whether they're actually in the building or not, because they are not password protected. They let any device connect to the network automatically. However, the wi-fi belonging to a Toronto realtor's office or a private home may be password protected, meaning that only authorized people are able to access it. If you have a wireless network at your home or office, make sure to password protect it to avoid giving free internet access to the whole neighborhood.


Many people who are new to wi-fi don't quite understand how wide ranging it is. Your home network extends well beyond the borders of your real estate in Toronto to other units in the same building or houses on your block. Likewise with public networks in cafes and libraries, so often in a city you can travel most of its downtown area without ever losing wireless connectivity. If you're traveling, however, your computer may have to drop and pick up multiple networks.


Most wireless networks are free to access because governments and technology enthusiasts believe in free internet the way that art groups believe in free art for people on the street. However you may run into a situation where there will be a cost to use the wireless - at a cafe you may not be given the password until you have bought something and at hotels, getting the password will cost you an extra charge on your room tab. You don't have to worry about hidden charges or pay-by-the-byte charges, however, as these systems are far too complicated.


Always be careful when using a wireless network, especially a public one. It's fine if you're just Google searching for a deck builder in Maine but transmitting or receiving sensitive information such as credit card numbers or bank passwords is a big no no over public networks because the information can be intercepted. This may be hard for smart phone addicts to hear, but for these types of transactions, switch to a password protected wi-fi connection, a paid 3G data account, or a wired Ethernet connection that is harder to hack.

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