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If you were asked what type of modem you have or where your modem's located would you be able to answer either question? How about at least one of them? Don't be afraid to say no to either question as there are many people who have no idea what a modem is or where the modem in their home or office can be found. If you fall into the group of people that can't pick out a modem from a piece of replica miniature Modern architecture there's nothing to be ashamed about. In fact, we're actually here to help, as we want to provide you with as much information on modems that will help you become an expert on the topic of modems.

First off, let's start with a definition of modem so that the next time the conversation in the back seat of your airport taxi Toronto ride turns to modems you'll be quick on the gun with the answer. A modem is basically an electronic device that converts the digital signals of a computer into specific frequencies that will then travel over cable or television lines. Once the frequencies have reached their intended destination they are then demodulated by the modem, which then turns them into digital data.

What that all means when it comes to modems is that a modem is what computers use to communicate with each other over networks. In order to connect to the Internet, whether it's in the home, office or your local Starbucks coffee shop you need to connect to a modem in order to receive an Internet signal. If there's no modem around for your computer to be in touch with you'll have a hard time getting online and surfing the web or downloading botanical prints.

While modems used to be pretty rare to see in most homes or banks that offer check 21 services they're a pretty common occurrence nowadays, as most people and businesses have Internet. You're going to have a harder time finding a home or business that isn't connected to the Internet than one that is, which means you'll come across many modems in your lifetime. The type of modem you use all depends on your Internet Service Provider (ISP) and the type of Internet you want in your home. There's satellite Internet, cable Internet and telephone Internet. Once your modem has been installed you can then decide if you want wired or wireless Internet in the home. More and more people have decided to hook up their modem to a wireless router because that gives them more freedom and flexibility in terms of where and when they can access the Internet in their home.

After reading this article hopefully you can now say you know what a modem is, what they do and what they're used for and will never be stumped again whenever you're asked what a modem is. We also hope that you don't forget what we taught you and the next time you're searching for autographed framed sports pictures try here online you can give your modem a quick nod of appreciation.

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